BEKLAGER, AVLYST – Vikingting 2020 arrangeres 29. – 31. mai på Tingvatn fornminnepark

SORRY, CANCELLED -Vest-Agder-museet invites you to Vikingting on Tingvatn 29th – 31st of May 2020.

Dear friends,

Vest-Agder-museet invites you to Vikingting on Tingvatn 29th – 31st of May 2020. The event is arranged in collaboration with the Department of Regional Cultural Heritage Management and Cultural Tourism, Agder County Council.

We continue our craft’s profile and learning in a social context. In addition, the museum will have its own program on textile crafts, with special focus on tabletweaving. (This is the home of Snartemo V, you know.) On Friday evening the County Council will arrange a seminar. Historical lectures will be open to the public.

Due to the history of the site associated with Migration period we would also like to welcome those who focus on this period. In fact, we encourage those interested in Migrationera to get in touch – We really want to lift up this era. We do love vikings, but we do have so much other history to talk about too!

The School Day

On Friday morning pupils from the local schools will arrive to experience a day of Migration period and Viking era history. During the school day on Friday we do not allow any kind of commercial activity, but reward those who help with a dinner in the evening.

Open Ting

On Saturday and Sunday we have «open ting» (market). We do not collect any taxes. On the market days, we want to create a vibrant market where people can do crafts and in this way learn from each other. The program is not on a schedule, but activities will be announced when they are about to happen.

There will also be a Feast for all participants on Saturday night. (All you need is a wooden plate/spoon/knife/cup – and something to drink).

A simple breakfast is served to all participants on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
There are shower facilities and access to toilets on site.

The area where Vikingting takes place is a cultural heritage site. There are both graves and other cultural-historical sites and remnants. This sets guidelines for how we behave in this area.

Focus on history

As we travel through history, we are not expected to reproduce it in its entirety. But we can do as much as possible to show respect for the story we tell and learn about. We strive to avoid modern expressions regardless of area/era so you must be aware of your role as an history teller. This means that we expect your outfit and equipment to be historical, and that you are ready to join us on a historical learning journey.

We emphasize that this is an event where history is in focus. If you are unsure if you should participate, please contact us for a chat.

We reserve the right to reject applications if we find that you do not fit our profile. What we need to know is how many you are, what is conveyed/sold and what kind of area you need for your accommodation. As well as date of arrival.

Before applying, please read the marked rules. By applying you accept these.

Looking forward to your application at
Please send your application latest 15 March 2020.

Do you want to apply for a travel allowance? The museum allocates travel support by agreement for crafters. Support is granted when the presentation is particularly desired for the profile of the market. The deadline for applying for travel support is 31 January 2020.


Please contact  / Katja Regevik mob. +47 977 90 403.


Photo: Lasse Norlemann Mathiesen.


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